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Rebel Brew

The Rebel Brewing Company is a micro brewery situated in Penryn, Cornwall. The design for their four standard beers and a speciality range of 36 beers is inspired by the traditional hot metal branding of wooden barrels and folk art, and are designed to appeal to both beer lovers and new (especially female) audiences. Above: Rebel standard range.

Rebel booklet
Rebel Booklet

Rebel's Speciality Range are what they themselves called their "36 weird and wonderful", a planned range of 36 very different beers. Some beers will be based on exotic recipes from around the world, others are brewed on entirely new recipes by the brewery.

For this range I decided to create a system where each beer would have a number, and the colour changes subtly from one number to the next. Going through a colour gradient made from the colours of the standard range (and one extra, to give room to the possibility for one extra beer to be added to the standard range), the full speciality range creates a colour circle, starting and ending with the same colour.