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Smaller projects

Earth staionery

Surrounded by taboo in our increasingly secular society, death is a difficult subject both to think about, and to engage with in context of the loss of a loved one. Earth, a woodland burial cooperative, offers an alternative setting both for funerals and personal reflection on mortality, namely nature. Here, regardless of religion, death and life can be experienced as an ongoing cycle, which becomes a more positive starting point for engaging with death. Translated into design, Earth's identity is conceptually based on light and shadow, with a combination of the calm and sensitive, and the brighter more optimistic.

Business cards, envelopes and A4 folder:

Earth Business Cards


A4 folder

As part of a campaign to increase awareness about death, using nature in grief or for personal reflection upon mortality and to promote the woodland burial cooperative, a series of 3 posters and a booklet was produced. The booklet could be ordered free of charge by scanning the QR code on the posters, or by logging on to Earth's website.

Series of posters


Cover detail booklet


Contents page

Booklet detail

Booklet spread


A set of seed strips that could be used on the burial grounds was also designed:

Flower seeds packaging

Flower seeds packaging detail

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